Wheel Doc

Contributing to Wheel

1  Code

$>  git clone git@github.com:unity26org/wheel.git

Wheel is based on Package Templates of the Go language. If you want to contribute we recommend follow thw steps:

  1. Build the Wheel project.
  2. Create a new project.
  3. Make the changes in the new project.
  4. Test using it. When succeed, apply the changes to Wheel templates.
  5. Re-build the Wheel project.
  6. Re-create the project.
  7. Re-test using it. When succeed, commit the changes.

2  Documentation

$>  git clone git@github.com:unity26org/wheel-doc.git
$>  cd wheel-doc

Wheel-doc is a Node JS application, build with Gulp. First. we need to install dependences:

$>  npm install

Second, install the server:

$>  npm start

Now, every change on the Wheel-doc your browser will refresh so you can see the changes is real-time.